Rachael Lindsay

"The Changeling's Child" - Rachael Lindsay

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Born with twelve fingers and a twisted spine, Hobnail was ugly and unloved.

She was convinced the faeries had swapped her at birth but was content with her life living alone with her precious pets, Warty Toad and Snidey Slug. Together, they search for strange bits and bobs, to hide deep underground, in the Dark Hole.

They are not alone, though.
There are watchers and listeners in these parts.
Every move is noted and reported back.

When Warty Toad and Snidey Slug discover a lost baby, delight turns to fear as their mistress realises she is in trouble.

Can she win the race against time, to return the child to his family - and save herself - or will the mysterious Leaf Man triumph?

The Changeling's Child (front)

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