Rachael Lindsay

"The Frost Giant" - Rachael Lindsay

"Winter is slow in the coming," declares Hobnail. "This time-ticking is un-normals and I is not happy feeling when damp!"

Autumn sunshine has gone. Now there is endless mist and fog and rain. Everywhere is wet: the town, the country lane and Hobnail's tumbledown cottage. She longs for crisp, snowy days - but winter is nowhere to be seen.

Why not?

Determined to find out what has happened to the weather, the old crone gathers her book of adventures, Magnes and Flying Ointment. With loyal Berinhard, the mountain sprite, she embarks on a treacherous journey. Neither knows that Hobnail's arch enemy, the Leaf Man, has a scheme. Neither knows he has teamed up with the Head of Ancient Vapours... Will Hobnail return safely to Warty Toad and Snidey Slug, as promised?

What is the answer to her very important question?

The Frost Giant (front)

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