Rachael Lindsay
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Rachael Lindsay

Welcome to my school page.

Many of you know me and my little friends well by now, but to those of you who are meeting us here for the first time, please read on to find out more.

After teaching all ages, for a number of very happy years, I finally took a leap of faith and did what I always wanted to do: write books for children. My characters were gathered from the glorious fjords of Norway and they have whispered their stories to me. I began writing tentatively, uncertain of where it might lead, but quickly, adventures involving Viking treasure, forest environments and trapped, endangered whales began to evolve. The mystery of the missing Flamoo Bloo was solved; the stealing of secrets from a tree troll was resolved. The quiet, gentle life of the trolls filled my head; their tales of courage and loyalty, compassion and love, contrasting sharply with the lives of the Big People. Always there had to be villains; always there had to be heroes. Each story is an escape into a world of fantasy, with just enough reality to bring them to life in children's minds.

So, the Troll Series of books was written:

Then the Leaf Man, Liar-nel, with his fibbing leaflettes, Fibkin and Fiblet made an appearance in the first of a new series: "Tales from the Dark Hole"

Pity poor Hobnail, with her twelve fingers, hunched back and blind eye! Her life is revealed in bedtime story snippets, as she lives under the long, green, slime fronds with Warty Toad and Snidey Slug. The baby she finds, only brings her trouble... and what should she do when a ghost pirate seeks help to fulfil a solemn promise made long ago to shipmates?

And so, on to my latest book:

No spoilers for this one!

I regularly visit schools, with my basket of trolls and Liar-nel, bringing excitement and a real love of reading. Sometimes I begin the day with an assembly - an introduction to my friends' stories and the life of an author. The schools already reading one of my books as a class text will respond happily to my greeting: "Gooshty morgy, mi littleor lovelors!"... others will soon begin to pick up 'troll-talk'! I offer classroom activities for all ages, planned and emailed beforehand, to suit any writing focus. Some schools have specific ideas for me to cover; others leave it up to me. Together we can think about:

- the list is endless. What I do know is that the children really enjoy everything I offer. We have great fun!

I believe fervently that children should enjoy stories. They should enjoy them with a friend, a teacher, a parent or carer, or in secret, quiet time on their own. Shared reading, modelled reading and silent reading all play a part. Stories should transport them into other worlds where they can meet any number of characters and experience any number of adventures, with fun and excitement; where they can experience danger from the safety of their own special reading place. Stories should fire imaginations!

Stories should inspire quality writing.

If this is what you would like to offer your children in school, please email or call me. My rates are very reasonable - I know budgets are tight! Breathe a little fresh air in the classrooms. You and your children will not be disappointed!

Phone numbers available on request

Author visit to Woodcocks' Well Primary, Mow Cop - March 2020

Rachael came to visit us as part of our celebrations for World Book Day. Rachael had already visited us a couple of years before so we knew we were in for a treat!

Our day started with an assembly where Rachael introduced the children to her many trolls and entranced them all with troll talk! The children in Reception were particularly taken with the trolls and were talking about their favourites all day :)

Prior to the visit, Rachael had planned four writing workshops to carry out with our classes and it was great to receive the planning and resources before this. The writing workshops were absolutely excellent; just the right balance between given the children the opportunity to talk to Rachael and ask questions about her writing process, which some of our older children were particularly interested in, and giving the children the opportunity to put their own writing skills into action. The children were well and truly engrossed when listening to Rachael read excerpts from 'A Pirate's Promise' and this most definitely sparked the imagination of so many of the children in their own pirate descriptions. Captain Ratbones of the Coast - the leader of Willow Class ship couldn't believe the unique ideas and wonderful language her class were using in their pirate descriptions.

We already looking forward to inviting Rachael back. Thank you for a wonderful day!

"Rachael taught me to take inspiration for my writing from places I had visited already" - Emma, Year 6

"I loved Rachael's trolls, I'm going to write my own stories about them" - Emily Year 4

See more feedback from school visits - from staff and pupils

Author visit to St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Congleton - March 2020

Rachael Lindsay visited our school on World Book Day last week. She launched the celebrations with an assembly, which immediately captured the interest of the whole school. She introduced her stories and we met some of her wonderful trolls. After that, Rachael led two workshops for classes in key stage 2. During these workshops, children enjoyed listening to Rachael read her stories and also developing their writing skills.

The feedback from the children was overwhelmingly positive. They loved the trolls and were very excited to receive signed copies of Rachael's books. I would highly recommend inviting Rachael for a school visit. She will enthuse and engage all children and inspire them to write themselves.

Thank you, Rachael. It was a real highlight of World Book Day and made it really special for the children.

Author visit to Tushingham with Grindley C of E Primary School - November 2018

Rachael Lindsay and her trolls came to visit Class 3, a group of mixed Year 3 and 4 children, last Thursday. The children were very excited, as I had already started reading Rachael's first book, The Warrior Troll, to them the previous week. We had begun to work out some words of her 'Troll Talk'- the language that all trolls speak.

Rachael had already emailed me her planning and word-banks, troll sentences etc, so I knew what to expect from the morning. The high expectations were well and truly met! The morning was well-paced, giving children an insight into how a published author works and comparing to how we edit and improve in the classroom. The children loved being introduced to the trolls; they could not take their eyes off them! They also loved hearing Rachael read excerpts from her other books in order to derive characteristics of a variety of troll personalities and express them using a range of adjectives. They became very accomplished translators of troll-talk, translating sentences to and from this 'marvellurg' language!

Rachael left Class 3 feeling excited, motivated and inspired to write their own troll descriptions. Next, they will plan, then write their own troll adventure story. The children's comments said it all;

"I loved this lesson!"

"The part I liked best was meeting the trolls."

"It was very interesting to meet a real author."

Thank you Rachael for a thrilling and inspirational morning!

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